100% Renewables Cities and Regions Roadmap

Achieving net zero emissions in the second half of this century requires an unprecedented transformation of our energy systems.

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Catalyzing the local sustainable energy transition

Tackling the climate emergency – a security, socioeconomic and environmental crisis – requires the unprecedented transformation of energy systems and an immediate transition to renewable energy across all sectors.

Local and regional governments are increasingly taking leadership, defining ambitious climate and energy plans for their communities and implementing sustainable, low-to-no emission and resilient development of their cities, towns and regions. National governments play a key role in creating the enabling framework conditions to support this local action. Partnerships and coordinated efforts are needed to move forward rapidly.

Towards 100% Renewables

This project facilitates the energy transition by raising local awareness on renewable energy sources, showcasing how local and national governments can create coordinated enabling frameworks and policies, exploring access to public and private sector finance, and building local renewable energy projects addressing electricity and heating and cooling.

This approach will allow cities and regions to not only unlock one of the largest potential solutions for GHG emission reduction, but also drive sustainable economic growth and local job creation, as well as realize various social, health and governance benefits.

ICLEI will work together with local and regional governments from three selected cities and regions each in Argentina, Indonesia and Kenya. The project will foster multilevel governance, and put that collaboration at the heart of the sustainable energy transition.

High-level message on 100% Renewables from Kisumu, Kenya

Chief Officer Mr. Joseph Oganga shares how 100% renewable energy can contribute to Kenya’s goal of universal access to energy by 2050, as well as other goals such as the Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) and Sustainable Development Goals, as well as Kisumu County’s energy plan.

High-level message on 100% Renewables from Avellaneda, Argentina

Mayor Dionisio Scarpin shares how 100% renewable energy can help the City of Avellaneda diversify its energy supply, generate local employment and contribute to the development of a circular economy, with the participation of multiple stakeholders including civil society.

The 100% Renewables Cities and Regions Roadmap project will:


Support nine cities and regions in three countries to develop a roadmap towards 100% renewable energy and effectively implement local climate and energy action.


Enable participating local and regional governments to develop financially viable and bankable renewable energy projects and explore access to public and private investment.


Contribute to the respective national climate and energy targets, as reflected in the Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs).


Support local policy development that enhances energy security, improves energy efficiency and stimulates the local economy.