City of Avellaneda

About City of Avellaneda, Argentina

The city of Avellaneda has a total population of 30.446, and it is situated in a metropolitan area of 117.300 inhabitants in the province of Santa Fe, Argentina. The city is located in a vast rural area whose predominant activity is agriculture with an additional growing stock of associated industrial companies. Regarding the energy scene in the city, Avellaneda covers 100% of its population with an electric power network. Of the total installed power in the City (24 MW), the equivalent of 25% of the local energy demand is generated by the company Biogás Avellaneda from industrial waste. The 6MW of renewable energies coincide with the current demand of the residential area of the city, the rest is mainly demand of the industrial sector. Energy consumption share is divided by: Residential: 25%; Commercial: 8%; Industrial: 64%; Public distributions: 1%; Street lighting: 2%.