Kisumu County

About Kisumu County, Kenya

Kisumu County is one of Kenya’s 47 counties created through the devolved system of governance instituted by the 2010 Constitution. The county population is estimated at just over 1.2 million (2018) and has an average population density of 610 persons per square km (2018). Kisumu county is made up of a diverse background comprising of urban and rural set ups as well as rich ethnic, racial and cultural diversity. The county’s strategic position serves as a gateway for Kenya into the rest of the African Great Lakes region. It is located on the shores of Lake Victoria and serves as the main commercial and transport hub for the Western part of Kenya and the East African region. The county hosts the third largest city in Kenya, Kisumu city (comprising a population of half a million), which serves as the County’s headquarters, with trade, farming and fishing as the major economic activities. The County’s vision is to create a prosperous and dynamic county that is a harbor of excellence. Over 87% of households in the county rely on biomass for cooking. Under the county’s CIDP, Renewable Energy for Sustainable development Program, the County targets to increase electrification by 90% by the end of the plan implementation period (2022) through a partnership program between the County Government and the Rural Electrification Authority. The trade sector has been identified as a key engine to the economy due to its immense contribution to Kenya’s GDP and employment creation through trade and investments, while the Kisumu Governor’s campaign promise includes the promotion of the use of sustainable energy sources in industrialization and service sector.