Mombasa County

About Mombasa County, Kenya

Mombasa County is located in the South Eastern part of the Coastal region of Kenya. It is the smallest county in Kenya, yet has the fourth highest average contribution to Kenya’s GDP. The county has a total population of approximately 1.3 million people.

The County enjoys proximity to an expansive water mass as it borders the Exclusive Economic Zone of the Indian Ocean to the East. Most industries in the county rely entirely on electricity as a source of energy.

Mombasa’s main source of energy for cooking and lighting is paraffin, its share for each being 53.6% and 51.5% respectively. The other sources of energy used for cooking are charcoal (30%), firewood (8.8%), LPG (4.7%) and electricity at only 1.7%. The use of electricity for lighting stands at 47.5%.

The county’s County Integrated Development Plan (CIDP) indicates an interest in putting in place a conducive legal and regulatory framework for solar and wind energy resource potential. There is a renewed emphasis on modernization of Mombasa County’s energy infrastructure, with a special focus on development of renewable, affordable and reliable energy sources, as well as the expansion of the rural electrification program.