Avellaneda Initial Status Report

The purpose of this document is to describe the initial state of energy in the city, as a starting point to plan the respective roadmap towards a 100% RE horizon.

The initial status report should establish a baseline, identifying opportunities and challenges on the path to achieving 100% renewable energy, as well as gathering data, information, and activities related to renewable energy projects, applications, policies, and city advocacy. at different levels of government. This information will allow to discuss possible measures of political support and direct actions to facilitate the panorama of RE in general and the 100% RE roadmap.

ICLEI has selected the town of Avellaneda, Santa Fe province, as the model city in Argentina for the project “100% Renewables Cities and Regions Roadmap”. In this framework, the Initial Status Report allows the unders- tanding of the key aspects regarding the energy consumption of the locality, as well as the potential of the renewable resource available to the mentioned region. In this way, the following are sought: (i) a socio-produc- tive understanding of the city, (ii) the elaboration of the consumption profile, (iii) the regulatory frameworks of the national, provincial and municipal orders, (iv) and the local projects that are they are implementing in terms of local energy generation by taking advantage of their natural resources.

The result of this report and its interpretation will constitute the input information to prepare the roadmap to become a city that provides all the energy it consumes from renewable sources.

Access the full report here.

Please find the report in Spanish here.