Kenya’s Kisumu County joins ICLEI’s 100% Renewables initiatives!

  • 20 May 2022

Kenya’s Kisumu County becomes the latest signatory to ICLEI’s 100% Renewables Cities and Regions Energy Compact, and the newest participant of the 100% Renewables Cities and Regions Network!


Kisumu County is among the leading cities for climate and energy action in Africa, and partakes actively in a number of projects and initiatives such as the Covenant of Mayors in Sub-Saharan Africa (CoMSSA), and the 100% Renewables Cities and Regions Roadmap project where it was selected as the deep-dive city, meaning it receives extensive support in developing its roadmap to reach 100% renewable energy use in its territory by 2050. Such ambition and commitment to a low-carbon pathway is critical for Kisumu to achieve its various socio-economic objectives.


Kisumu is a major commercial, industrial and transport hub in the region; Kisumu city is the third largest city in Kenya, and is home to the County Government of Kisumu. Expanding the access to and use of renewable energy in its territory, especially for household use such as cooking and lighting, has been a priority. Through extensive energy modelling, it is clear that Kisumu can meet all its local energy needs through renewable energy over the coming decades, with very high potentials for solar energy.


Joining the 100% Renewables Cities and Regions Energy Compact and the 100% Renewables Cities and Regions Network will give it additional visibility to attract resources to makes its renewable energy transition possible, while also providing access to peer exchange opportunities and knowledge sharing with other committed local and regional governments.


Through the Energy Compacts, launched at the United Nations High-Level Dialogue on Energy in September 2021, Kisumu County will also be able to access the Energy Compact Action Network and other assistance from UN-Energy. This will allow for cooperation with other Energy Compacts, all with the interest in achieving SDG7 by 2030 and enhancing its energy action.


To follow in Kisumu County’s footsteps and join the 100% Renewables Cities and Regions Energy Compact, or the 100% Renewables Cities and Regions Network, please contact us at

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