Launch: The Sustainable Energy Transition Strategy game!

  • 20 February 2023

The Sustainable Energy Transition Strategy game was officially launched on February 19 2023 with a workshop organized for participants from the 100% Renewables Cities and Regions Roadmap project, involving four ICLEI regional offices as well as city representatives.

SETS was developed by ICLEI and Generation.Energy with the aim to bring together local government officials, and other diverse stakeholders, to address the various challenges involved in the energy transition. It is meant as an innovative methodology and tool to bridge the gap between strategy definition and implementation by simulating the real world context involving various stakeholder groups. SETS aims to use the power of play to improve decision-making in the complex and multi-stakeholder process that is the sustainable energy transition.

Gaming and play are powerful learning tools, and are often used in ‘serious’ settings such as the military, healthcare and policy spaces to train participants, preparing them to be able to tackle difficult situations as they arise, and to improve decision-making by tackling gridlock or siloed approaches in local energy planning. The serious gaming approach can provide a more innovative approach for consultations, and bring about new insights and perspectives in a creative and stimulating environment that may not be possible otherwise.

Players, which may include local government officials, the private sector, NGOs, and others, are assigned the role of a key actor in the energy transition, with the ultimate aim being to deliberate and collaborate to develop a collective strategy to meet the energy demand of the chosen city/region using a mix of available technologies.

More information about SETS is available from the brochure. Contact us at to know more!