Rosario and La Plata Working Groups move forward in activities towards the implementation of 100% renewable energy

  • 06 July 2020

The focal points of Rosario and La Plata joined the kick-off meeting of the project 100% Renewable Energy: Cities & Regions Roadmap, that happened virtually on May 14, due to the pandemic context.

The 100% RE project, which supports cities and regions in implementing climate actions, developing a roadmap for 100% renewable energy, selected the city of Avellaneda to be the deep-dive city in activities to promote renewable energy supply in Argentina.

Following the learnings of the project’s kick off, the city of La Plata also brought together it´s local Working Group with actors from the academia, private sector and government for it´s own SWOT analysis exercise in order to understand and prospect a strategic direction to achieve the goal of 100% RE in the city.

In the same way, the city of Rosario also held a local working group meeting after Avellaneda’s kick-off.  Daniela Mastrangelo, focal point of the project for Rosário, presented a workplan for the Group, which also had the chance to do a SWOT analysis exercise.

The participating cities will develop their Action Plans and receive support to find financing lines for their pilot projects, with the objective of having the city’s energy supply supplied by renewable energies, meaning that all the energy needs – for electricity, heating, refrigeration and transportation – must come from renewable sources.

A thematic community of good practices from local governments is also expected to exchange experiences, learning among peers and training.