UTM Center Launches Finance & Funding Helpdesk to boost climate finance to cities

  • 04 June 2024

New initiative aids cities in accessing financing and technical assistance for sustainable infrastructure projects in cities.


In a bid to accelerate sustainable development initiatives and bolster climate action projects, the UTM Center (Urban Transitions Mission Centre) has now unveiled the online interface of its Finance & Funding Helpdesk. The Helpdesk was created for UTM cities interested in receiving support to access Project Preparation Facilities (PPFs) and urban programs from multilateral development banks such as the EIB, EBRD and World Bank.

The helpdesk aims to assist cities in navigating the intricate landscape of climate finance, securing backing for their project proposals, and accessing essential resources for sustainable infrastructure projects. 

  • Support for entering Project Preparation Facilities

The Helpdesk proactively approaches PPFs to identifying financing and funding opportunities tailored to the unique needs of Urban Transitions Mission (UTM) cities. By actively scanning the financial landscape, the Helpdesk aims to connect cities with suitable project preparation facilities (PPFs), financing programs, and funding opportunities.

  • Climate Finance Helpdesk

Moreover, the Helpdesk functions as a centralized resource for addressing queries related to specific urban climate finance and funding programs. City officials can seek clarifications and insights regarding the intricacies of various funding mechanisms, ensuring informed decision-making in their pursuit of sustainable development goals.

  • The UTM Center Funding Watch

Additionally, with the launch of the Finance Helpdesk, we are happy to unveil the Funding Watch. The Funding Watch is an extensive online database that collects information on funding and financing opportunities worldwide for the UTM cities.

  • Connection with Development Finance Institutions

Crucially, the Finance & Funding Helpdesk facilitates direct engagement with financing and funding institutions, forging connections between cities and potential backers. This proactive outreach is geared towards catalyzing collaboration and facilitating the flow of resources towards impactful projects developed by UTM cities.

  • ICLEI’s Transformative Action Program

In addition to its proactive outreach efforts, the Helpdesk plays a pivotal role in supporting UTM cities in accessing and leveraging the benefits of the Transformative Action Program (TAP) project preparation facility. The TAP global initiative is designed to support local and regional governments in project preparation and accessing finance for low-carbon and climate-resilient development.

For cities ready to take the next step in their climate journey, the Finance & Funding Helpdesk is now just a click away:

Access the Helpdesk here.

Together, we can transform our urban landscapes and build a resilient, sustainable future for all.